Creating Great Content Redux – DudePerfect and the World’s Longest Basketball Shot

In the same vein as “The Batting Stance Guy,” today I give you DudePerfect.

DudePerfect has a simple premise, they make and film seemingly impossible basketball shots. Think of the classic Michael Jordan/Larry Bird “Showdown,” commercials, but done by a few guys from Texas A&M that shot videos around campus and on a ranch in Morgan, Texas (nope, never been there).

Why does it work?

  • It’s fun
  • Believable (but a stretch)
  • People can identify with it (You know you’ve thrown a ball in from 50 feet and said “Dude! Perfect!)

Their videos have gotten them on ESPN, Good Morning America and in Sports Illustrated.  The premise of their site is having fun and raising money for I’m sure somewhere along the way they’ll end up with a TV show or get licensed to make commercials for someone (my money is on a Coke or Pepsi ad in the Super Bowl), but right now, it looks like they are the latest folks to create great content and find a market for them.

Below is their most well known video billed as the World’s Longest Basketball Shot that goes from the 3rd level at Kyle Field at Texas A&M into a basket at field level.


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