Don’t be CANP. Help support the arts in Sacramento

In April of 2008, I wrote about people who are CANP. Culturally Aware Non-Participatory. This describes people who are aware of the importance of local arts programs but don’t do anything about it.  Over the past few years, we have helped out the Sacramento Ballet on an ad hoc basis.  Along with other local arts organizations across the country they have had a challenging few years financially.  They had to cancel the end of their season last year and cut back on the number of performances of The Nutcracker, which is their primary revenue generator for the rest of the year.

The Sacramento ballet has battled back with smaller performances in smaller spaces, like Beer & Ballet, and is part of a group that is building a center for the arts in Sacramento. Much of the money has been raised, a great deal due to the generosity of the Raley-Teel family. While it seems odd to be building a new facility when money is tight, over the long run it makes sense for all of these organizations to consolidate into a single location and not have to rent large venues on a regular basis.


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