Agency Lessons from Mad Men Episode 301 (28) “Out of Town”

Welcome back Mr. Draper.
Welcome back Mr. Draper.

The initial episode of Mad Men season three was full of wonderful references and lessons for people in the advertising, marketing and public relations business.

– When acquisitions happen – so do layoffs.  It’s never pretty but that’s one of the ways that in the short term acquisitions pay off. So, if you work for a firm and it gets bought, get your resume ready, whether you are good at your job or not.

– Sometimes it’s necessary to take trips to see clients that you may not think are necessary.  This might include a tour of a rain coat factory.

– Confidence.  When Don Draper is meeting with the client, London Fog, he makes a statement. “London Fog is a 40 year old brand that sounds like it’s existed forever. You’ve established with our help that it means one thing, raincoats. New products aside, there will be fat years, and there will be lean years, but it is going to rain.”  What does that mean? Nothing really.  The point is that after he says it, he waits.  He waits for this to sink in with the client. He doesn’t rush to fill the empty space with something else.  Waiting is a powerful thing. Most people really don’t like silence. Learn how to wait.

Yes, I know this is the fourth week of the season. This post was sitting in the draft folder. My apologies.


One thought on “Agency Lessons from Mad Men Episode 301 (28) “Out of Town”

  1. I saw part of this on Youtube today when I was watching John Hamm’s Emmy nomination interview. Ironically it so fits what is going on today.

    Both layoff wise and brand wise. When I think of London Fog I will always think of being a kid and my grandparent’s having them. This was my first episode I ever watched of the show. I guess i need to backtrack.

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