Together we can defeat this problem.

In the mid 90’s many people started getting on email.  This included older parents, friends of our parents, random clueless people.  They all started getting sent these wonderful jokes, facts, cookie recipes and strange stories on email.  Then since they were all helpful people, they would forward all of these things to their entire address book.

After about 10 years, the majority of these folks figured out that maybe they didn’t need to send that poem about the lonely soldier to EVERYONE in their address book, or if they did forward something they would at least now remove the content and put it in a new email as opposed to just forwarding (did I mention this is how I had Monica Lewinsky’s email address? No? Long story.)

My friends, these same people are now on Facebook. They are tending farms, they are taking quizzes, and they are leaving completely inane comments.  We can stop them, it jsut takes education.  I would re-post the list of helpful hints I created in 1997, but it’s stuck on a Groupwise server somewhere that I can’t access.


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