Working With #42 – Ronnie Lott & Trench Fantasy Football

In high school, I had a 49ers jersey. It was #42.  Ronnie Lott.  I had the jersey because the 49ers were my favorite team and because of how #42 played the game. He was all-out all the time.  Whenever the 49ers were on defense and a play happened, #42 was there.

So, imagine me a few weeks ago sitting in a meeting, talking with Ronnie Lott.  He does business the same way he played football, all out, and he looks for business partners that play the same way.  That’s why #42 is now part of the team at Trench Fantasy.

Ronnie Lott, Hall of Famer and Trench Fantasy Ambassador
Ronnie Lott, Hall of Famer and Trench Fantasy Ambassador

He’s bringing a team of other veterans of The Trenches along with him to help us make a better game and help more people learn about Trench Fantasy. Who are these other players we’re working with?

•    Derrick Deese – 13 year stalwart offensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers;
•    Gary Plummer – Legendary linebacker for the San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers with 1,029 tackles and one Super Bowl ring over 12 seasons;
•    Brentson Buckner – 12 year career as a defensive tackle with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers included starting in 13 playoff games and two Super Bowls;
•    Brian Baldinger – 11 year career as an offensive tackle and guard with the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts (where he was the team’s Most Valuable Lineman in 1991) and Dallas Cowboys.

Whether you were a fan of the 49ers, the Raiders, the Jets, or heck you might even have hated all of those teams, but you had to admire the way Ronnie Lott played the game. Now you can join Ronnie and play the game he plays, sign up and play Trench Fantasy now.



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