Who do you trust with your data?

I recently saw a note from a friends saying, “Hard drive is fried, hope they can save my stuff.”  The question here is, who are “they.”  When the hard drive on our family iMac finally gave up the ghost about a year and half ago (this was a 5.5 year old computer), we had some serious data recovery needs. What does that mean? It means we hadn’t backed up our thousands of family pictures and thousands of songs well enough. Data recovery from a damaged hard drive is a somewhat messy process.  The process also includes whomever is doing the recovery to have access to any information they can recover from the hard drive. This might be pictures, it might be music, but it might lso be bank account numbers, password lists, credit card numbers etc.  This is serious stuff!

In our case, a friend, Brent Sallee, runs his own Mac-consulting and repair business, MacClicks, and we trusted him to recover what he could.  He was able to provide us with several CDs and DVDs worth of content that he was able to save.  The thing is, we had someone we knew well that we could trust to go rooting around in our private data.  Would you trust someone you don’t know who is getting paid just above minimum wage at a chain electronics retailer to do that for you? My guess is not.

This is is why, if you don’t have a good friend that you trust to do this kind of work, you find someone you CAN trust.  If you are in the Fairfield/Vacaville/Suisun area a person you can trust is Jim Carden who runs 1036Forensics. He’s a police officer and military intelligence officer and you can trust him to do the right thing with your data.

Find the person you know and trust in your area before your hard drive dies. Makes life a whole lot easier.


One thought on “Who do you trust with your data?

  1. Hi Josh,

    Missed you at last nights Workshop, just wanted to let you know I have rebranded my business. We are now Digital Blue Solutions Inc (DBS) my email and website is attached.



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