Friday Fun – Urban chickens

I’ve written about chickens here a few times before. Once it was a presentation at the American Chemical Society about homeopathic chickens, and another time it was about the economics of raising chickens and how it some producers make more money selling chicken feet than they do drumsticks.

Today is a new chicken topic. Urban chickens.  The raising of chickens in backyards of homes not in rural areas.  Judging by media interest there is a rise in at least the discussion of urban chickens.  Recent stories about urban chickens have run in:

The LA Times

The San Jose Mercury News; and now our own

Sacramento Bee.

The allure could be a need to re-connect to our agrarian roots, or perhaps its a reflection of difficult economic times.  Personally, I think it’s a great idea.  Lots of people have unused yard space and using this space to contribute to the food chain as opposed to jsut using resources such as water and work to add more lawn makes sense to me.
Urban chickens even have their own lobby, CLUCK – the Campaign for Legalizing Urban Chicken Keeping. You can read more about CLUCK in this great article from the Sacramento Press. Even better you can attend a screening tonight of Mad City Chickens.

Wonder how our dog would do with the chickens? We might have to find out.


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