Take out the trash day and Sarah Palin

No, that’s not a political or personal judgment about the former vice presidential candidate and Alaskan governor, it’s a communication strategy.

Forbes has an article critiquing the methods Palin used in announcing her resignation including:

  • lack of pre-seeding social networks with information;
  • lack of a thinking associated with transition date;
  • lack of a coherent explanation of why; and
  • poor timing by doing it on end of getaway day of a holiday weekend.

The first three may be applicable, OK I definitely don’t agree with the pre-seeding on this one, but the last one was I think planned.  “Take out the trash day” is about burying information so it doesn’t have a long news cycle.  In this case, I think that Palin specifically didn’t want to give the pundits in DC and NYC lots of time to talk about her resignation while it was still news. Also, while I’m sure lots of people talked about this over the weekend, far fewer probably read or saw what the pundits had to say than would have if she had done it at 10 am on  Tuesday.

Below is a description of take out the trash day from The West Wing.


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