Trench Fantasy – Fantasy Football for Today


At Morgan/Dorado we work with a lot of companies working to change the world.  Some make products for schools, others are trying to bring alternative fuels to market, but our newest client may have their finger on the pulse of a cultural shift in our country like no other.

This morning Trench Fantasy announced funding for a new kind of fantasy football. This is fantasy football that focuses on the hardworking players in the trenches, the linemen, and the players on special teams and defense, that don’t always get the glory.  Our country is going through a bit of a tough period right now, and we think a lot of people may be interested in watching someone else other than the quarterback married to a supermodel.

We think people want to root for the blue collar players, and we’re not the only ones.  The principal investor in Trench Fantasy is a blue collar business, Elite Power, Inc. of Sacramento , one of the largest electrical contractors in Northern California.  They connect with a lot of their customers through sports and fantasy sports and identify with the guys in the trenches. They aren’t flashy, they just get big jobs done for their customers, like the guys in the trenches do.

Trench Fantasy is going to be launching in time for the 2009 season. Sign up now at to be notified when leagues begin forming.


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