60 Minutes and the art of the non sequitur

I grew up watching “60 Minutes.”  I still watch it every Sunday.  It’s an amzingly well done show, but there are certain things about their style that make me want to tear my hair out.  The one that really gets to me is the artful use of the non sequitur.  I know that it is not an exact correct use of the term, but for lack of a better one I am using it here.

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes re-ran an interview with chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse.  In the last 30 seconds of the segment, Waters talks about her desire to see a sustainable garden at the White House.  This segment originally aired in March.  After this running Leslie Stahl said, “Five days after this story first aired on March 20th  Michelle Obama broke ground for a garden on the South Lawn of the White House.”

There is no mention of whether the subject of the previous story had anything to do with that garden being established, but apparently we are supposed to think that they did. I am confused.  Watch the last 30 seconds of the interview for yourself and let me know wha tyou think.


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