Local Company IMified Acquired by Voxeo

IMified, founded by Adam Kalsey of SacStarts in Gold River, was today acquired by Voxeo.  The press release announcing the acquisition is online, and for the PR-angle here includes a video in the release. Very cool.

This is the first Sac-area tech acquisition in a little while, since LiveMarkets of Rocklin last September. Here’s hoping this bodes well for future area startups.

The video that accompanied the IMified press release is below. Congratulations Adam!


The Center of the Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory is for Sale

If you subscribe to the Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory (basically the whole entire adventure of the movie, including Ferris, is a construct inside Cameron’s mind), then you believe the entire movie took place in a modern home outside of Chicago.

If that’s your thing, good news, now you can buy the house used in the movie! It’s in Highland Park, IL and was recently listed for $2.3m. Who’s in?

You want horsepower? Horse Power Podcast Interview with Me about Social Media

A few weeks ago, Mike Henderson of Twelve Horses came down from Reno to talk to the social media class at UC Davis Extension.  Part of the deal with him coming down, especially the first day after he got back from Morocco, was that I would be interviewed for the Twelve Horses podcast, Horse Power.  The video is posted below and the complete intro and everything with Mike pulling out the things that make the most sense about social media is at Twelve Horses.

You can follow Mike on Twitter at twitter.com/mehwolfy.

Measurement Links

I spoke to a group today about measurement and promised I’d post some of the links I referenced. For all the rest of you, please drive-thru, nothing to see here:

Hon & Grunig Relationship Measurement;

KD Paine’s Measurement blog;

Edelman report on social media in 2008 election (opens as a PDF);

Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff;

Voce Bridge (they have created some very impressive tools over there at Voce);

Great writing tip from Bill Sledzik – He doesn’t care if “I think”

Very good post on persuasive writing from Bill Sledzik, an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State (oh and 16 years working in communications) on the inherent weakness of using the phrase, “I think,” in persuasive writing.

Much of the writing we do in our lives is persuasive, in my case in my professional life, but for others it might be in public service or in writing a personal note. No matter what, we all need to know how to persuade someone to do something.

One of the points that I really liked, is “a persuasive communicator isn’t tentative.”  I sometimes use “I think” when I write here.  When I searched for the phrase on this blog, it brought up about 40 posts, out of 800+ so far. Many of those instances are when I am quoting someone else, but far too many are mine.  “I think” I’ll look more closely at some of the wording here in the future. In the meantime, thanks Bill for giving me something to think about.

Morgan/Dorado Helps Introduce iPhone App – Journals by Louise Palanker

We’re currently working with an author who has adapted her wonderful book into an app for the iPhone. The app includes the entire text of the book as well as lots of images, pictures and additional material. Think of it like a “director’s cut” DVD.

The book is called Journals and the app is “Journals:  Middle School Love and War.”  We used PitchEngine to dsitribute the announcement this morning, and you can check out the “social media press release,” here.

Journals: Middle School Love & War by Louise Palanker

Also, always nice to have the first coverage for a new initiative, and we have that thanks to MacsimumNews.

Language – Talk about value for your customers – not what you get

I’m watching the local news tonight, CBS13, and there is a story about a promotion being proposed in Tracy where the City would provide those who buy a car in Tracy with a $500 gift card that can be redeemed at any store in the city.  Seems like an interesting idea.  Then they interview the GM of a local car dealership and he drives home the point why people don’t like to buy cars.

When asked about how they are doing with sales the dealership general manager says, “In a time period of a month when we would deliver 125 to 150 units we now deliver 35-40.”  What’s wrong you say?  As a consumer I don’t care, “how many units you deliver.” I don’t buy units.  How about, “In a normal month we help 125 to 150 people find their new car.”

Watch the segment here, or click on the image below and it will take you to the CBS site to watch it. The fun part is about 50 seconds in.


Don’t talk about what YOU get out of a deal, talk about how you help customers.

(Disclosure – one of my cousins runs a GM dealership, and thankfully he doesn’t focus on units.  He helps people find the right car, and he’s doing alright)