Sea World San Antonio and Social Media – Moving Beyond Baby Steps

I use Sea World San Antonio as one of the examples in my social media class on how to “dip your toe” into social media as a big company.  They had a specific need (in this case to drive attendance to a ride that was opening ahead of schedule) and identified specific tools and strategies to help meet that need/goal.  An overview of that first project is available on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog. Kami Huyse was an outside consultant on that project and I recommend you check her blog out as well as she does a very good job at looking at “big picture” concepts related to social media.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, it looks like Sea World is expanding their social media efforts now in a big way. Watch the video below. It doesn’t have many views yet, but I think it could serve to do a few things that will be important in the long run:

  • gets the internal team engaged and provides ownership;
  • serves the “ego-surfing” factor by having so many identified by name i.e. they will forward to friends and family to show them what they are doing; and most importantly
  • serves as a reference for people looking for information about the people involved in the project

Watch the video. It’s not thrill-a-minute kind of stuff, and doesn’t include an impression of Will Clark’s swing, but definitely well done.


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