Political Ad FAIL

So I went to the CollegeHumor.com site to watch a video on “Real Life Twitter,” which I must say is hilarious when I noticed an ad on the right hand column of the site.  At first, I thought this might be something funny i.e. maybe he’s not Governor any more, but nope just a poorly-written ad FAIL.


The best marketing is a good product

The best marketing is a good product, and the best way to encourage positive word of mouth is to couple this product with great service.  BusinessWeek recently highlighted In-N-Out Burgers for their successful methods of non-marketing.

innoutFor those of you not familiar with In-N-Out, they are a hamburger chain that until recently was only in Southern California, they have expanded to Northern California over the last 15 years, with a deceptively simple menu which is just hamburger, cheeseburger, double-double (double cheeseburger) and fries.  This is supplemented by their “not so secret menu.”

They have a devoted following and fans that will line up before a new store opens. Don’t believe me? Check out the post I wrote in January when their newest store opened near me.

Punk Wins….

in a good way.  On March 5, I wrote about the student council at American River College voting to not allow a punk band, Flogging Molly, to play on campus becuase, “They curse, they swear, they drink on the stage.”  Also, the at the time student council president said he wanted a “Christian band instead.”

That board was voted out.  Not because of their beliefs but because they didn’t represent the students.  Now, where do I buy my ticket?

Links from tonight’s Social Media class for UC Davis Extension

Below are a few of the things I referenced in this evening’s class.  For anyone in the class, I hope they are helpful. For everyone else they are just cool things you should check out:

  • US Air Force Social Media guidelines – scroll down to “New Media and the Air Force. An Instructional Guide for Airmen Communicators.” It’s a PDF – click on the link in the middle of the paragraph to download.
  • “The Social Media Pulpit,” is an analysis of the use of social media by the Obama ’08 campaign created by Edelman. Click here to download.

Please send me an email josh at morgandorado dot com with any questions.

Thank you everyone for listening to me ramble about this stuff.

Social Media Club Sacramento – Government 2.0 – Tuesday 4/21/09

Sacramento’s chapter of the Social Media Club is hosting a panel discussion on Government 2.0 and the use of social media in government, Tuesday, 4/21/09,at Wells Fargo, 2804 Gateway Oaks Dr. Sacramento.

The panel includes:

  • Rob Quigley –  a Sacramento website developer who specializes in creation & management of political, government, and non-profit websites. He currently serves as the New Media Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and has worked on several recent political campaigns as a consultant for Bill Simon and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rob is on Twitter (http://twitter.com/RobQuigley) and LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/robquigley2)
  • Bryan Merica- Founded ID Media (www.idmcommunications.com), co-founded Fox and Hounds Daily, (www.foxandhoundsdaily.com), a blog covering business and politics in California and will serve as a “founding professor” for the soon-to-be-launched, National Institute of Politics, an online educational resource for communications and political consultants. Before starting ID Media, he worked as a senior strategist for enterprise software, management consulting and startup technology companies.  Merica graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the Pacific.  You can follow him on Twitter or find him at LinkedIn.
  • Marilyn Clark – Manager of Online Communications and Services at the California Public Employees’ Retirement System where she oversees web communications strategy and user experience design for all CalPERS web products and services.  She is also a member of the Federal Web Managers Council’s Social Media Subcouncil. The Social Media Subcouncil is a group of government web managers at the federal, state, and local levels bringing together social media best practices and other resources for the benefit of government agencies.  You can follow her on Twitter or find her on LinkedIn.
  • Barbara Z. Haven –  works at California’s Department of Technology  Services in their Policy and Planning Division. There she contributes to a Web  2.0 working group, a “Green IT” team, web governance, and an intranet  redesign. She has a background in web development, user-friendly design,  technical communication, and systems programming. She graduated from the  University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Even before graduating  she started working on computers and spent many years at diverse computer  companies. She has three sons who are now attending UC Riverside, UC Davis and  Stanford University. You can follow her on Twitter and find her  at LinkedIn.
  • Kim Mack – A sixth generation Californian born in the state’s capitol and raised in Redding, CA, Kim is the mother of a 25 year old son, Robert Fortune, and married to Vince Mack.  Kim and Vince currently live in Sacramento. Upon high school graduation Kim served for three years in the US Army as a military police office in Washington DC and Frankfurt, Germany.  She has worked as a police dispatcher, EMT, retail shop manager, campaign manager and now works as a facility manager for the County of Sacramento. Kim worked as a Regional Field Director for the Barack Obama Presidential campaign and functioned as the Executive Chair of Sacramento for Obama, one of the largest grassroots Obama groups in the country.  Kim now works in the same capacity for Organizing for America – the grassroots support arm of the Obama Administration.  Throughout the Obama experience online tools have been used extensively to organize, fundraise and motivate.

Join the Facebook group for Social Media Club Sacramento at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56138309399 or follow them on Twitter at twitter.com/smcsac.

Sac Bee Has Some Interesting Online Only Content

I’ve been pretty hard on the Sacramento Bee here a few times in the past.  But, I have to give them some kudos now for a new online blog/series being written by Stuart Leavenworth. Stuart has written for the editorial page for several years and now seems to have taken a sabbatical for six months as an apprentice chef at Oliveto in Oakland, California perhaps best known for their “Whole Hog,” dinners.

Stuart Leavenworth at work as a chef apprentice - Image from Sacramento Bee
Stuart Leavenworth at work as a "chef apprentice" - Image from Sacramento Bee

I’m going to follow the series, because it looks interesting , informative and well-writen, all things that I expect from a newspaper.

Sea World San Antonio and Social Media – Moving Beyond Baby Steps

I use Sea World San Antonio as one of the examples in my social media class on how to “dip your toe” into social media as a big company.  They had a specific need (in this case to drive attendance to a ride that was opening ahead of schedule) and identified specific tools and strategies to help meet that need/goal.  An overview of that first project is available on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog. Kami Huyse was an outside consultant on that project and I recommend you check her blog out as well as she does a very good job at looking at “big picture” concepts related to social media.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, it looks like Sea World is expanding their social media efforts now in a big way. Watch the video below. It doesn’t have many views yet, but I think it could serve to do a few things that will be important in the long run:

  • gets the internal team engaged and provides ownership;
  • serves the “ego-surfing” factor by having so many identified by name i.e. they will forward to friends and family to show them what they are doing; and most importantly
  • serves as a reference for people looking for information about the people involved in the project

Watch the video. It’s not thrill-a-minute kind of stuff, and doesn’t include an impression of Will Clark’s swing, but definitely well done.