How to draw viewers to your site?

Often asked question:  “How do I get people to come to my site?”

Simple answer:  “Create something that someone wants to watch.”

A great example of this is “The Batting Stance Guy.”  I found about this from Dan Francisco and it’s amazing.  It’s almost stupid in it’s simplicity, and brilliant in its execution.

Batting Stance Guy, or BSG as he refers to himself, makes videos highlighting in a funny way the batting stances of players from every major league team.  I’ve written about what makes videos “go viral” a few times before.  This series hits almost all of the criteria.  Outstanding example of figuring out a specific audience and creating content just for them.

Because I’m a Giants fan, below is the video of batting stances of the Giants.  Watch until the end for a great one of Rich Aurilia.


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