Measurement who pays for it?

One of the most oft-asked questions of PR firms is “How do we measure success?”  There’s lots of ways to do it and several are included in answers from Phil Gomes of Edelman in an interview with MediaBistro.

One of the other questions that should be asked, this time by the agency, is “Are you willing to pay for ongoing accurate measurement?”  Done well, measurement takes time.  A baseline needs to be established.  Criteria needs to be identified. PR agencies are paid for their time. We differ from ad agencies in this way. Ad agencies have areas (think media buys)where they can make huge margins to subsidize time spent on measurement.

We love measuring the success of our programs. We love it even more when we get paid for it.


3 thoughts on “Measurement who pays for it?

  1. Given that accountability is key to trust, if agencies want their clients to trust them, measurement should be considered a cost of doing business and should be factored into budgets the same way the telephone or their internet connection is. When you can buy measurement tools for as little as $3600 a year, it seems a no brainer to be able to have the data you need to know which programs are working or not working .

  2. I agree it should be part of doing business. I also agree that as budgets get tighter accountability is key. When working with small budgets, I am just asking that the fact that measurement takes time is accounted for.

  3. PS – Thank you very much Katie for tracking us down and participating. For those of you that don’t know, Katie pretty much invented measurement for PR and continues to innovate with some outstanding measurement products for social media.

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