We interrupt this discussion to bring you a little Irish punk from Flogging Molly

at least we’d like to. And it looks like some students at American River College would as well.  Chuck Stevens is a former student council member at American River College. He wants to put on a punk and rock show to help generate revenue for scholarships and textbooks.  Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

Apparently not to some members of the current student council. Read the complete article from the Sacramento Bee here.

Here’s some of the meat from the article:

Student council member Viktor Choban thinks Stevens’ plan will waste the student association’s money and promote immoral behavior.

“In terms of business, it’s not responsible,” Choban said. “Plus, on top of that, I don’t like the band. They curse, they swear, they drink on the stage. They’re fine with drugs.”

Stevens says the show would be free of drugs and alcohol. As for cursing, he said, “Sorry, but most rock and roll bands curse.”

Choban said if there’s going to be a show, he wants a Christian band.

“We need our students and young people of America to learn to be polite gentlemen,” he said.

“I would invite a Christian band because they promote morality and responsibility.”

OK. I would say something in response by Mr. Stevens seems to say it very well himself:

“This is not a religious school. It is not a Christian school. It is a public school,” he said.

“I didn’t put any Christian bands on there because this is not a Christian show. I didn’t put any reggae bands on there because this is not a reggae show. This is a punk slash rock and roll show.”

Now, that “immoral” punk band? Check out their site. the right hand column is links to Goalusa.org, SaveDarfur.org, and DemocracyinAction.org.

Let’s see, they want to help raise money for food and clothes for people in America, stop a genocide in the Sudan and support the democratic process here in America.  That’s pretty punk.

So, if you have it in you, go buy a song from Flogging Molly, and if they play this show, I’ll buy a ticket (even though I’ve got to admit I’m partial to the Dropkick Murphys).



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