Chrometa intro’s new productivity tool for attorneys

Attorneys need to be more productive? You bet they do. If I’m paying an attorney I want to be able to see where they spent their time.  How can they do that? Well my friend, the answer is Chrometa time tracking software.

Chrometa today introduced their first product specifically created to help attorneys better track their time and increase their productivity and accountability. When an attorney has Chrometa installed on their desktop and they start working on a document, it creates a log. When they research something online, it creates a log. The attorney or an office administrator can then create a report from that log.

What if I don’t want everything tracked? Don’t worry, files or activities can be excluded from logging.

Want to learn more? Read the press release or visit Chrometa.

Disc. – Chrometa is a client of Morgan/Dorado and I serve on the advisory board.


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