Opt-in PR? Can it work? Jeff Davis and Food Fete Think It Can

Opt-in PR? Yes.  A concept where members of the media actually choose to receive information from an agency.  That can’t work!  Why would the media want information?  Ahh….there you go. If what you provide is high-quality, quality, relevant information that helps them do their job and don’t violate the trust you create, they will opt-in.

The concept of opt-in PR exists and actually thrives in a few select areas. Mostly around “showcase events” like ShowStoppers at CES and Pepcom in New York (and at various conferences).  Now Jeff Davis (former colleague from Alexander Communications and fellow Edelman alumnus) is moving the concept beyond opt-in conferences into an opt-in agency.

Jeff has been running the Food Fete events for a few years, where he brings together “gourmet food, beverage and kitchenware products with the food and lifestyle journalists and bloggers who write about them.”  Now, he’s asked media who have attended his events to “opt-in” if they would like to receive information from his food PR firm clients.

According to an article in PR week, so far 165 members of the media have signed up, along with two clients. That is a heck of a start.  Jeff is always looking for new ways to do things in PR. Two years ago he “took a leap of faith,” on his billing. Read about it here.  His latest idea seems like a very good one.  I think it’s going to work out well. And if it doesn’t, don’t worry, Jeff will have another one.


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