What do you do that is different?

What are you doing that is different from your competitors?  If you are doing things exactly the same way your competitors do how do you plan to win? More talent? Harder work?

What if you do things differently. What if you bowl with two hands?

Watch this video from the Wall Street Journal. Then figure out what you’re going to do differently.


One thought on “What do you do that is different?

  1. As you blogged about, I’m trying something completely new by creating a permission-based PR firm for food and beverage companies. I already have 165+ media opt-in to receive client info, and some of the media comments were along the lines of “it’s about time…” and “love the concept…”

    As we all do, my hope is that whether it’s taking an opt-in approach or whatever, that PR people will simply work smarter. I receive a lot of agency pitches for my little Food Fete blog, and am still stunned at how off the mark they are, which reflects how lazy the account reps have become. I completely feel for real journalists who get 10 times more than I do.

    The real shame, however, is that most clients have no idea how poorly they are being represented on the front lines.

    Jeff Davis, Food Fete and FoodSmart Comm.

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