Brand loyalty, enthusiasm…worship?

I’m sure you’ve seen people lining up to be first in line for a new movie (Star Wars etc), new products (the iPhone comes to mind), new video games (HALO II) etc.

How do you create something people will line up for? Not all of the items below have to be true at the same time but having several of them helps:

  1. It should be unique;
  2. The company/product should have values that reflect those of your target audience;
  3. It should represent something i.e. aspiration, inspiration, joy, pure entertainment, mayhem, whatever;
  4. It should be identifiable by others; and the most important
  5. You should be able to order it animal-style.

What is the purpose of this?  Local guy Bryan Hardwick, lined up to be the first customer of the new In-N-Out Burger in Folsom, just down the road from Morgan/Dorado HQ.

Bryan, I respect your commitment to your passion. I’m a little frightened by it, but I respect it.


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