Better than “fair” time in Reno at WFA Convention

Yesterday was a quick trip up to Reno to talk to attendees at the 2009 Western Fairs Association Convention. The topic was social media. This was basically a very quick “Social Media 101.”

The room was full, I’m estimating about 200. This demonstrated a huge desire to learn from an industry that many would perceive as being slow to change.  What I learned is that couldn’t be further from the truth. These folks were hungry for information.

wfa_mini_biggerThink about it. The core of their business is bringing people together for entertainment, education and community.  They have passionate fans, committed volunteers and tireless staffs. They just needed someone to give them a little shove. I hope I did that.

One of the questions that consistently came up during the session and then conversations afterward was the all to common, “where do you find the time?” I wrote about this last May and pointed to a video by the crazy-smart Clay Shirky.  The big point that I was trying to get across, in addition to the concept of found time, was they need to let go and provide tools for those that care about their local fairs to talk amongst themselves and others.

If they would have me back, it would be wonderful to speak with this group again as they were one of the friendliest and nicest groups of people I have ever met. Even better would be if someone that was in my session was there in my place to talk about what they’ve done in 2009 and how it helped them build their community.

Thank you to the Western Fairs coordinating team for including me and thank you to my new friends from the Butte County Fair, Contra Costa County Fair, The California State Fair, the Nevada State Fair and HorsePower Promotions.


One thought on “Better than “fair” time in Reno at WFA Convention

  1. Hello Josh,

    I just found your article – very nice. I followed you on Tuesday at the WFA Convention as a speaker on web technologies and how to generate more revenue. I certainly gave you huge kudos during my presentation for your presentation because you paved the way for material. Instead of the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights” look, I spoke to a newly knowledgeable crowd. Lucky timing.

    Leading up to the show the XO launched the WFA Community – a version of their own Facebook social platform. Since the Convention they have grown to 103 users (1/6 their entire membership).

    As an in-house Fair web developer and now outside web developer agency, we appreciate you taking the time to educate the Fair Industry.

    Take care,

    Jacob Stansky

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