A day of hope (with a small “h”), a day of change, a day to reflect before…

getting back to work.

Tomorrow the sun will come up (and I’ll see it come up as I have to leave to drive to SF at 5 am).

As individuals, and as a nation we will face the same opportunities disguised as obstacles and hardships that we faced yesterday.

There is no secret sauce that will make everything work again, there is no short-cut that does not come without consequences. There is just a long, slog back up the hill ahead of us.

I had a discussion last week with a friend. He works in the same field as me.  He and his children are of similar age, to me and mine.  Over the years, he has reaped the rewards of hard work.  In our discussion he said, “I’ve been thinking, do I need to have this much house?  Would we be just as happy with let’s say 2/3 of the square footage?  Downsizing would take a lot of pressure off of me and my wife and I could spend more time coaching baseball and less time having to hustle to make enough to keep this lifestyle going.”

I think a lot of people are having those same thoughts, those same discussions.  So, take today, reflect. Think hard about what you want. Tomorrow, get out there and start making it happen.


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