Thank you 2008 – Now we can move on

Many people are happy (if not downright giddy) watching 2008 go out the door and are going to be lining up to kick it in the tuchus on the way. I’m pretty happy with how 2009 turned out. My personal life is great, but we’re going to focus on the business side here.

A few of the high points:

  • Revenue grew 40% over 2007;
  • We started working with several wonderful new clients;
  • Welcomed back a “boomerang” client;
  • Had some real success for several clients helping them meet their goals.

But, alas, all was not sunshine and roses, in 2008, we:

  • Had a vicious September when over the course of 3 weeks, 3 clients drastically cut their marketing budgets; and
  • Were reminded that not all revenue is good revenue and sometimes it’s best to say “thanks but no thanks.”

We’re optimistic about 2009. We’re hoping to build our relationships with some of our larger clients while not losing our ability to work with early stage companies. We’re also going to be expanding/introducing a few things in 2009, including:

  • Expanding visibility of the “Quick Call Retainer”
  • Introducing the “Talk With Us” product to help companies better converse with their customers online
  • Our first non-PR product. We’re going to be introducing NorCal Marketing News in early 2009.  We’ve been testing out the waters with some posts at, and will be moving to the new URL and design (based on the Revolution WordPress theme) On a related note, check out the article in today’s NY Times about ad agencies creating products. Seems we’re not the only ones with the idea to take what we know and create some value for ourselves while showing off our chops. So, get ready to start sending us news items as well as applications for our “profiles” which will be interviews with local public affairs, advertising and PR folks.

See you on the other side ready to run in 2009.


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