Advice from other people in 2008 that we highlighted on DETS – Includes Gene SImmons, Gary Vaynerchuk

In 2008, I pointed to advice from a lot of people. It’s all good stuff, and mostly related to marketing with a little bit more on the entrepreneurial side. The sources of the advice range from Gary Vaynerchuk to Gene Simmons. Enjoy.

From Gary Vaynerchuk’s, of WineLibrary TV, keynote at the Web 2.0 Conference:

A few favorite quotes from Gary’s talk:

  • PP – patience and passion
  • We are going through a gold rush of branding
  • Legacy is better than currency
  • Work 9-6, get home, kiss the dog and go to town (on where do you find the time to build something if you have a day job

From Gene Simmons/Chaim Witz on failure and success:

Q (from Business Week):  One of the things that distinguishes most entrepreneurs is their ability to fail and pick themselves up and try again—has that been your experience?

A (Gene Simmons from KISS): I fail all of the time. It means nothing.

Don’t fake it. You will get caught and humiliated as PowerMat was.

Advice when recording a video from Steve Nilan at Fundability:

Quiet on the set. Close the door. Put your phone on vibrate or better yet leave it in another room. I used my laptop’s built in microphone which was a little fuzzy sounding so I just bought a Logitech USB mic for next time.

Turn on the lights so you don’t look like you’re in the witness protection program. A natural full spectrum light makes a big difference.

Even pros can’t do it one take. Break up your pitch into smaller 20-30 second segments which you can easily edit using Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie.

Just the facts. Investors want to know: Who are you? What’s the problem? The market opportunity? What’s unique? What do you need (capital, partners. etc.)? 2 minutes max.

Think about visuals.

ROI from tradeshows, as broken down by Frank Addante, CEO of the Rubicon Project.


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