Top Posts of 2008 on Don’t Eat The Shrimp – Highlighting Best Practices for Blogging and Social Media

Below are the top 10 most viewed posts for 2008. What does this say? That search is a powerful thing. The phrase that sent the most people to DETS in 2008?  “cool gifts for kids.”  Others include:

  • “josh morgan;”
  • “democratic convention songs”

Two of the most viewed pages are the “About Josh” and “Clients” pages, so they aren’t in the following list. So without further ado, the most viewed posts of 2008 on Don’t Eat the Shrimp.

  1. Really, Really cool gift idea for kids – This was a plug of GiftVenture. I met the founders and were blown away by how simple, yet how cool this gift was for kids.  This result shows the power of choosing your headline well.
  2. Marketing Rant – Democratic Convention Song Choices for Female Speakers – This shows the benefit of posting about timely topics using your expertise to provide a unique perspective. In this case, I was showing how the song choices for music to accompany Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama focused on the fact that they were women and not their accomplishments.
  3. Unfortunate Timing for Prosper Magazine – The power of the comment. There was an article on about tough times for luxury magazines and I had just published a post about a luxury magazine in our area shutting down. I added a comment to the article on WSJ and included a link to my post. My comment added to the discussion and was not just shameless linking, resulting in continued traffic.
  4. Direct Marketing FAIL – I used a popular term, “FAIL,” in the title of the post and in the associated tag to highlight a poor marketing practice.
  5. Just say no to cute, inspirationalor funny quotes on your email sig – Once again, tieing a post to a trend topic and using my own experience to make it personal.
  6. Sacto Celebrities – Volume 1 – Adam Rich – Highlighting our ties to the local area and adding a little fun. Also a demosntration of the power of tagging the names of all the people mentioned in your posts.
  7. Herb Caen Day – A personal post about two big influences on my life, my grandmother and Herb Caen. It’s OK to show you are a real person in your business-related blog. In fact, it’s almost a necessity.
  8. Steve Sabol – Entrepreneur – Keynote Speaker at New California 100 – If you see a speaker or learn something that others may be interested in, share it!
  9. Darren Barefoot and Capulet Communications Have Some Serious Game – Highlight success, even if it may be by a competitor. In this case, I highlighted a new tactic conceoved by another PR firm, Capulet Communications.
  10. US Netcom is hereby barred frome ver practicing PR again– Take the high road, and if you see someone taking the low road, call them on it.

So what should you take away from above?

  • Choose your headline wisely;
  • Be timely and use current events to highlight your expertise, without being an “ambulance chaser;”
  • Comment effectively on other blogs and news stories;
  • Be personal;
  • Highlight success, whether it’s yours or a competitors;
  • Take the high road.

Here’s to continued success in 2009!


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