Money is tight – for everyone – keep PR programs and marketing moving

At Morgan/Dorado we introduced our “Quick Call Retainer” in 2006 to provide an in expensive way for early stage companies to start ramping up their marketing and communications initiatives.

In the two years since it was introduced, the economic climate has changed significantly. Now, it’s not just early stage companies that need to have an inexpensive PR program.

This morning, The Quick Call was profiled by PR Week.  Below is a bit of the article, or you can read the entire piece by Aarti Shah on the PR Week blog:

“This allows us to keep up on what they’re doing and provide relevant counsel without a huge dollar commitment that a lot of companies are a bit fearful to make right now,” Morgan said.

The program started about two years ago and mainly targeted pre-revenue and pre-investor startups, but the recession has changed that. Morgan says now more mature companies are interested in the program.

“What we’ve found is that even if that’s not what [potential clients] end up using us for, it’s a demonstration of how we’re being flexible to work with clients,” he noted. “And they also see that we’re not looking to squeeze every dime out of them. It builds more trust.”

We’re apparently not the only ones with this idea. This morning I read about Ballantine’s PR and their “Brand-Aid BPR Blue” division which offers services for $2500 permonth to their targeted markets in luxury travel, leisure, entertainment and consumer. Also, earlier this year, PerkettPR introduced their “PR Stimulus Package” (they get bonus points for a timely name).

So forget everything you read about it costing $10-20,000 per month to work with a PR firm. Can you spend that much? No question, but it’s definitely not right for everyone, not now, not ever.


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