Like what you read here? Want to learn more? Come to my class!

I sound like one of the “Tom Vu” ads from the 80’s.  “Want to make money? Come to my seminar!”


Now, that’s not the case here.  Earlier this year, I taught my first class for UC Davis Extension.  It was a six hour class that was not for credit. Apparently enough people liked it that I was asked back, and they turned it into a 15 hour for credit class.

What’s the class on? Social media of course.  We’re going to start with the frame of mind required for being successful with social media, move onto some basic tools, create some content and look at how some companies and government agencies have been using social media.  Working on creating some new content for the class looking at how the Obama/Biden team used these tools better than any candidate in history.

So, if you’ve got some time free in the evening starting March 9, come on down to UC Davis Extension in Downtown Sacramento.


6 thoughts on “Like what you read here? Want to learn more? Come to my class!

  1. I’ll drop by for sure. Stockholm to Davis is a short trip, right? I need the education I can get on this stuff. Coming out of newspapers, you get absolutely zero on this. A one huge plus about going corporate …

  2. Well Davis is opening satellite campuses all over, who knows maybe Stockholm will be next! If they do, I would be glad to teach the class there, of course it would have to be offered in the summer. Sorry, but sunlamps just aren’t going to cut it for this California kid. You had the luxury of transitioning through the NorthEast on your way there.

  3. I think I’ll enroll in this class. Ironically, I have an email prepped for you to review SARTA’s 09 social media plan! Glad your mind is focused on this stuff so the advice will be fresh!

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