Snowball Express – trying to make the holidays a little less hard for families that have lost a member in service of our country

Amid the joy of the season, we have to remember that the holidays are hard for many people. Those that are alone, those that can’t give their family as much as they would like, and also those that are worried about their future.

This hardship must be incalcuably more difficult for those that have recently lost a member of the family in service to our country.  Some people and companies are working to try and make the holidays a little less hard for them.

The Snowball Express started in 2006 with unpaid volunteers whose mission is to
provide hope and new memories to children of fallen military heroes who have been killed
on active duty since Sept. 11, 2001. snowballexpress

On December 16th, the Snowball Express will be stopping in Sacramento at Terminal B, where families will be boarding an American Airlines flight to Disneyland for the week.  This isn’t a replacement for a lost family member but hopefully a way to create some new happy memories with others who understand their loss.

Yesterday, my family went to see the Sacramento Ballet perform The Nutcracker.  Tomorrow, the cast of The Nutcracker will be there to help these families get in the spirit of the holiday season.

If you are looking for a group to support this season, look at the Snowball Express.


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