Sell the benefit, not the feature

On Sunday, my wife, her mother and my oldest daughter all went to see the Nutcracker performed by the Sacramento Ballet (performances run through 12/13 and tickets are still available).

Arts programs and instututions across the country are under attack from a perfect storm of bad financial news.  Both personal and corporate sponsorships are down due to the economy and personal spending for entertainment is trending down as well.

Many arts groups are putting out pleas about how their institution and their art is too important to the community to fail. Here’s the problem with that plea. Most people don’t care about it.

What do they care about? Themselves. Their families.  Want to see why these type of institutions and entertainment are important?

kateballetThat’s my oldest daughter and two of the dancers on stage after the performance. The benefit is the memory Kate will have of seeing this with her mother and grandmother (for many, many years together).  Sell the benefit of a wonderful holiday tradition to be enjoyed year after year, not the arts as an institution the region can’t live without.


(disclosure – Morgan/Dorado provides pro bono counsel to the Sacramento Ballet.)


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