Every company wants to seem real…

Companies are always asking questions about how they can seem more authentic, seem more real. It helps if you actually are.

Stumbled onto i360 this evening. They are a company in the Sacramento area that makes headwear that holds your iPod so you can do what you want to do, and listen to your music without having to worry about wires.

Watch the video below. Great example of telling a company story, selling the benefits and capturing and communicating the soul of the brand.


8 thoughts on “Every company wants to seem real…

  1. Srsly? Is this a *real* product? Did they do the “doofus test” as part of their market research? Y’know – the one where you ask people, “will I look like a doofus if I wear my iPod on my head rather than putting it in my pocket?

  2. Well Mat….I guess I, along with many others, are doofuses! I love my i360. I think that it’s a great product and I also love the street/underground feeling of the company. They’re packaging says designed in California with a CA flag. I think that they are doing a lot of things right. Maybe you should take a look at their other videos on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pwoWaHBg9c.

  3. I agree with Kellie…this product does have a street feel, and that’s what I like about it. I think this product has some real potential. It’s good work….

  4. As far as the doofus test comment, i think you need to realize who the target market is for he i360.

    Kids (generation y) who skate, snowboard, or just enjoy listening to music around town wear beanies, hoodies and headbands all the time as well as an i-pod. I dont see how it would be anything other than convenient to put those two things together.

    If you are some old guy who does relate to that I can understand you feeling self concience about looking like a doofus, but im sure youll catch up if it ever catches on.

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