Using Social Media for the Greater Good – and Alzheimer’s Disease

Odds are if I live long enough I’ll probably get Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s in my family, and honestly something I’m not looking forward to.  There is progress being made and some therapies are now available that are showing promise for slowing the progression of the disease.

That’s why my eye was caught by the recent initiative by and the Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness and research funds using social media. The program urged people to post a purple ribbon on their site. According to the announcement, the ribbon was displayed on over 1,000 blogs and estimates “each ribbon is viewed by an average of nearly 100 users. This means the campaign reached in excess of 100,000 users, illustrating the true power of using social media to reach and educate thousands.”

So, here you go, let’s make it 100,000 and 1.

In honor of Mary Easton Morgan

3 thoughts on “Using Social Media for the Greater Good – and Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Nice cover, Josh.. certainly hits home as my grandfather (mom’s side) had Alzheimer’s and I also worked with/took care of an elderly man who had it while I was working through college. Sad (and mysterious) medical ailment.

    Count me in, too, I’m adding a purple ribbon to my site(s) as well.

    Rock On,

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