Sacto Celebrity AND Serious Cheers for Antinori’s PR People

On Sunday nights 60 Minutes is usually on while we prepare dinner. For the most part, this is just habit. It’s Sunday night, 60 Minutes is on, it’s just what you do.  Most of the stories stay in the background, but in early October, while going back and forth from the kitchen to the BBQ, I glanced at the TV across the room and paused, when I saw:


Where they in Napa? Nope. Turns out they were in Umbria and they were profiling the Antinori family who has been making wine for 600 years.  I stayed standing in the kitchen and watched the rest of the faascinating (albeit fawning) profile with Morley Safer making the rough journey (you smell that? that’s sarcasm) from Tuscany to the Napa Valley, where the Antinori family has also been making wine for several years (just not 600), and recently purchased Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars.  The segment was beautiful, from the people in the vineyards to the stories of family, to the amazing Palazzo Antinori in Florence.

After watching, I went back to my steak, which unfortunately I had left on the grill a bit too long, and the segment slid to the back of my mind, until…..I saw ANOTHER fawning profile of the Antinoris, their wine and their life, this time in Portfolio Magazine.  The focus of this article was the “Super Tuscans” specifically the Sassicaia, or “stony ground.”

So, first, please raise a glass to whomever is doing the PR for the Antinori’s, truly amazing work.  Both segments highlighted how the history, the family, and hard work contributed to the greatness of their product and their brand.

So what’s the Sacramento Celebrity connection here? In the Portfolio article a reference is made to how most wine sellers in America didn’t know what to make of Italian wine that wasn’t Chianti, but there was one who took a chance:

Corti Brothers in Sacramento claims to be the first store in America to sell the groundbreaking wine. It went on the store’s shelves in the spring of 1972 for $6.98, which was more than any of the store’s other Italian wines. “It was very good wine,” says Darrell Corti, co-owner of the store. But at first it was “very difficult to sell.” Customers didn’t know what to make of the Sassicaia, since it was so different from any other Italian wine. Over the next few years, a cult-like following developed for the wine and collectors still prize this special bottling, not only because of its historical significance but for how it tastes. It’s “still tremendous. Out of this world,” says Esposito, who tastes the wine every few years. (He says it now sells for about $3,000 a bottle.)

Yes, our own Darrell Corti of Corti Brothers.

Photo credit - Sacramento Bee
Photo credit - Sacramento Bee

Lipstick on a pig – don’t just look like you’re doing the right thing – Do The Right Thing

PR folks are often berated for saying they want a seat at the executive table at large corporations.  Why should they have one some say, they don’t make business decisions.

Well, let’s look at that. If PR is brought in well after decisions have been made, the best they can do is put lipstick on the pig, i.e. try and make a bad idea idea look better.

Case in point, this week, when automotive industry executives went to congress to ask for government assistance Ford CEO Allan Mulally arrived in a Ford Fusion hybrid:

Ford CEO arrives at US Congress in a Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford CEO arrives at US Congress in a Ford Fusion Hybrid

OK, that’s the image they wanted you to see.  What’s the image everyone actually saw?

Auto execs take private jets to ask for bail-out
Auto execs take private jets to ask for bail-out

Here’s the thing, the focus was on the appearance of doing the right thing, not actually doing the right thing.  For that…FAIL.

Using Social Media for the Greater Good – and Alzheimer’s Disease

Odds are if I live long enough I’ll probably get Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s in my family, and honestly something I’m not looking forward to.  There is progress being made and some therapies are now available that are showing promise for slowing the progression of the disease.

That’s why my eye was caught by the recent initiative by and the Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness and research funds using social media. The program urged people to post a purple ribbon on their site. According to the announcement, the ribbon was displayed on over 1,000 blogs and estimates “each ribbon is viewed by an average of nearly 100 users. This means the campaign reached in excess of 100,000 users, illustrating the true power of using social media to reach and educate thousands.”

So, here you go, let’s make it 100,000 and 1.

In honor of Mary Easton Morgan

I love hometown newspapers!

Some of our clients are trying to be big around the world, and others just want to be help out in their local community.  Sent From Ebove, one of Morgan/Dorado‘s clients, wants to help people around the world, but start in their local community. That’s why this article in their hometown paper is so wonderful.

Here’s a little from the article, and after you read go check out Sent From Ebove and see if you can help!

New site unites people, makes wishes come true

By Rebecca Villaneda, Peninsula News
Thursday, November 6, 2008 12:21 PM PST

With the holidays around the corner, giving just got easier with the newly launched Web site

The concept is unique, generous and that of Palos Verdes Estates residents Steve and Julie Lins who want to bring people together the old-fashioned way.

“We want people to post their wish and have someone read it, be moved by it and help them directly, like the good old days when you walked down the street and borrowed a cup of sugar from your neighbor,” Steve said. “We want people to connect directly.”

Blue Opens Its Eyes and Ears with Eyeball and Mikey

Last week was a little light on the blogging as I was focused on helping client Blue Microphones introduce a few new products, Eyeball (a webcam with exceptional audio quality) and Mikey (a recorder for the iPod).

Of course we like them, but we’re not the only ones:





Thanks to the reporters that caught on that Blue is bringing their expertise from making some of the world’s best professional recording Mics to the consumer world.

The new products were introduced at an event at the Gibson/Baldwin Showroom in Los Angeles with performances from Mateo, Chris Pierce and The Daylights.

Check out WireImage for some great photos of the event including the performers and members of Velvet Revolver, The Cult and The Eagles, or check out some of the performances here.