Chrometa! Increase Productivity. Help People Keep Their Jobs.

In March I put out a shout for beta testers for a time tracking application called Time Tracking Buddy.  The original thought for the product was that it would be a tool for small professional corporations and individuals who bill by the hour to keep track of time on a project and more accurately account for their time for billing.

As part of the beta process, the manager of an IT group at a large company learned about the app and mentioned that it could be a great tool to use for maximizing efficiency in his group.  The lightbulb came on, and this little idea grew from a personal tracking tool to a full on enterprise time management application called Chrometa.

On November 6, Chrometa is hosting a webinar to present the case study from that customer that helped the light come on.  If you want to learn how they are using Chrometa to help make their team more efficient and productive, register now!

PS – You’re probably thinking, “Wow, Josh really likes Chrometa!”  I do. They’re on to something.  That’s why they are a client of Morgan/Dorado and why I’m an advisor.


4 thoughts on “Chrometa! Increase Productivity. Help People Keep Their Jobs.

  1. There are already tons of similar products and most of them disappear after a while.

    Productivity is not a simple measure of time. It is an aggregate output based on a long list of productive inputs. It might be a good idea for running factories in developing countries where productivity can be reasonably estimated with time.

    They are focusing at the wrong product. Hopefully this blunt comment would save them time and money.

  2. Thanks for the comment and spirited debate.

    While productivity is challenging to measure, we have found significant market demand for a product like ours across multiple industries and use cases thus far.

    For example, professionals who bill hourly must meticulously account for time, often down to 6 or 15 minute increments.

    After the fact, this can be very tough to do – so these folks have been finding great value in Chrometa – which not only helps them easily account for their time, but also makes sure they are capturing all of it.

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