Golden Capital/NCET Silver & Gold VC Conference

I’m back at home after 36 hours in Reno for the 8th Annual Golden Capital/NCET Silver & Gold VC Conference.  The set up is about 30 companies present to panels of potential investors. I was there with client Golden Capital, as well as a speaker to help kick off the day and introduce Steve Mills from DCA Capital.

There’s usually a pretty wide range of companies, from biotech to biofuel and everything in between. One constant seemed to be that the quality of the presenting companies was a serious notch up from previous years.

If you follow me on Twitter today you were treated to a steady stream of comments that I made while watching the various presenters.  Together they provide a pretty good set of things to keep in mind while making a presentation:

  • If you have 1 minute to intro your company why lead with ‘we are an early stage technology company?’. How bout what you do and who cares
  • Note to presenters – louder does not make you better
  • Use conversational language when presenting. Don’t talk like a cop and use forced words
  • Note to presenters. Don’t just turn off your phone. Leave it briefcase or with someone else. Don’t have it on your belt……ever!
  • Note to presenters-don’t bury the lead. Its one thing to provide context another to make me think you don’t want to say what you do.
  • Close with descriptive statement about what you do and your ask……not ‘that’s about it…..’Practice through the end, like a golf swing
  • Don’t ask for feedback on your presentation if you run into me in the bathroom. Just don’t.

The last is by far the most important piece of advice I can give. Truly.


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