Protecting Your Macs with Speck

At work today, the UPS man brought a big box.

How big?  Let’s use the Shrimpkids for perspective.

What was in the big box?

First there is the Speck SeeThru Hard Shell for Mac Book 13″ for her, followed by one for him. And the big one, a SeeThru Hard Candy Shell for the iMac 24″.

What do they look like?

Here’s a before of the white 13″ MacBook, that belongs to Mrs. DontEatTheShrimp:

And here it is with the sweet candy shell:

I tried to take a picture of the iMac with its new cranberry cover, but the lighting wasn’t working out.  Basics about the Speck covers:

  • they add some serious color which shows up best on the white products
  • they cool down your lap quite a bit if you are one of those (like me) who have their MacBook on their laps a lot; and
  • they give you a little extra protection from yourself, I say this knowing how I can be a little liberal with dropping my MacBook into my bag, or onto my desk.

3 thoughts on “Protecting Your Macs with Speck

  1. I’d love to hear how the green one works out. We bought 15 in assorted colors. I had the only green one. And mine was the only one to crack so badly and in so many places as to be useless.

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