Zubican adds new features to beta to make business searches easier

At Morgan/Dorado we work with a range of companies doing a wide range of things. The three things all of the companies have in common are:

  • We like the people we work with
  • We believe in what the companies are doing
  • We thing they have a chance at success

One of the companies that met all of these criteria is Zubican.

Zubican is a business search community with a goal of helping businesses easily find and evaluate potential partners and vendors.  The goal of Zubican is to provide enough information for businesses to conduct a meaningful evaluation for the procurement process to begin.

This week Zubican introduced several new features to their beta that include:

  • The ability for businesses to claim and customize their company
  • Increased interactivity including allowing businesses to respond to
    ratings of their companies;
  • The ability to link company profiles, demonstrating the breadth of
    companies’ business networks;
  • Company comparisons enabling users to easily compare multiple vendors in
    a table format;
  • The option for both buyers and sellers to seek recommendations about
    potential partners from their trusted networks: and
  • Additional features and functionality that comprise a buyer’s toolbox to
    source business goods and services.

Go check out Zubican and see what you’ve been missing if you’ve been spending time looking for business services using Google.


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