Speck Case for iPhone – Cool Stuff for Friday

Last weekend I ran into an old friend at a party at AES.  He let me try out various products he was working with, but without a doubt, the best was the “SeeThru Hard Shell Case and Stand,” from Speck.

It’s for an iPhone 3G.  This is me holding it up without an iPhone in it.

This is the iPhone in the case. This iPhone is actually Layton’s from BeenUp2.  I like the way the case provides protection, but doesn’t get in the way.  The rounded edges and minimal seams lessen the chances of catching an edge of the cover as you pull your iPhone out of a pocket or briefcase.

I took a picture of the case doing it’s coolest thing which is act as an iPhone stand but that one didn’t come out.  I’ll try again over the weekend.

Bottom line, iPhone cases, check out Speck.  Good stuff. Bonus points for the tagline on the product “Designed in California Made in Taiwan.”  Remind you of anyone else?


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