Chrometa! Increase Productivity. Help People Keep Their Jobs.

In March I put out a shout for beta testers for a time tracking application called Time Tracking Buddy.  The original thought for the product was that it would be a tool for small professional corporations and individuals who bill by the hour to keep track of time on a project and more accurately account for their time for billing.

As part of the beta process, the manager of an IT group at a large company learned about the app and mentioned that it could be a great tool to use for maximizing efficiency in his group.  The lightbulb came on, and this little idea grew from a personal tracking tool to a full on enterprise time management application called Chrometa.

On November 6, Chrometa is hosting a webinar to present the case study from that customer that helped the light come on.  If you want to learn how they are using Chrometa to help make their team more efficient and productive, register now!

PS – You’re probably thinking, “Wow, Josh really likes Chrometa!”  I do. They’re on to something.  That’s why they are a client of Morgan/Dorado and why I’m an advisor.


Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em for SARTA

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em at the 3rd Annual SARTA Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament and BBQ.

This is a fundraiser for the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) which helps technology companies here in the Sacramento-area.

If you are the CEO at an early stage company in the area and want to find a way to meet the people who make decisions about funding, potential partners this is the place to be.

Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry, there’s a free workshop before the tournament starts. Or if you’re the studious type, buy the “bible” , “How to Play Poker Like the Pros,” from Phill Hellmuth.

Now, go register!

You want a video that will “go viral?”

In August in the context of a video of Tiger Woods, I put together a list of things that help a video “go viral,” or get passed along through multiple groups of people online.  This list included:

  • it has to be compelling (this might be oddly funny i.e. NUMA NUMA, timely i.e Paris Hilton’s response to John McCain, heart-warming like the late Randy Pausch’s last lecture, or just oddly compelling like the Daft Punk girl)
  • a story arc – albeit short – not all videos have them but it can help
  • something people can identify with
  • safe for work – most people view online video at work, don’t make them feel like they’re going to be fired for watching
  • a core audience – who is going to start the video moving? There has to be some core group that cares about the content, then it can move beyond them

Want to see another video that does that?

Wow. Extremely Well done by the original cast of the “Whassup” ads and videos from 10 years ago.  Thanks to BoingBoing for posting this. Take a look at the list above that I posted about why the Tiger Woods video and others worked. This video has them all.

If 2000 was the first election where online campaigning got going with MeetUps, and 2004 was the first election where both sides really embraced online tools, 2008 is where video came into its own in online campaigns.

The power now is clear. It’s not the campaigns that innovate, it’s those that care about the issues.

It’s Not OK to Quit Spending on PR! It is OK to Spend a Little (or a lot) Less

Money is tight for everyone. Companies of all sizes are scaling back expenses. One of the places that many are making cuts is with external PR firms.

This morning, one of our clients let us know they have to cut back on spending and Morgan/Dorado is one of those cuts. We talked with them about our Quick Call option and they are currently evaluating.

We introduced our Quick Call retainer in the summer of 2006.  The original purpose was to provide affordable counsel to very early stage companies.  We’re finding now that Quick Call can serve as a lifeline for companies in between rounds of funding or those under orders to rein in spending.  Completely cutting the marketing spend is not a healthy alternative for companies trying to grow and Quick Call provides a way to cut monthly overhead while still having access to PR counsel and resources with people who are completely up to speed on your business.

If you are looking for ways to cut costs without cutting off all the opportunities provided by PR, give us a call at 916 941 0901, we’d love to talk to you about Quick Call.

Golden Capital/NCET Silver & Gold VC Conference

I’m back at home after 36 hours in Reno for the 8th Annual Golden Capital/NCET Silver & Gold VC Conference.  The set up is about 30 companies present to panels of potential investors. I was there with client Golden Capital, as well as a speaker to help kick off the day and introduce Steve Mills from DCA Capital.

There’s usually a pretty wide range of companies, from biotech to biofuel and everything in between. One constant seemed to be that the quality of the presenting companies was a serious notch up from previous years.

If you follow me on Twitter today you were treated to a steady stream of comments that I made while watching the various presenters.  Together they provide a pretty good set of things to keep in mind while making a presentation:

  • If you have 1 minute to intro your company why lead with ‘we are an early stage technology company?’. How bout what you do and who cares
  • Note to presenters – louder does not make you better
  • Use conversational language when presenting. Don’t talk like a cop and use forced words
  • Note to presenters. Don’t just turn off your phone. Leave it briefcase or with someone else. Don’t have it on your belt……ever!
  • Note to presenters-don’t bury the lead. Its one thing to provide context another to make me think you don’t want to say what you do.
  • Close with descriptive statement about what you do and your ask……not ‘that’s about it…..’Practice through the end, like a golf swing
  • Don’t ask for feedback on your presentation if you run into me in the bathroom. Just don’t.

The last is by far the most important piece of advice I can give. Truly.