Woman who works in the Bay Area?

OK, more specific, works outside the home, or wants to or works full-time and wants to get more control over their work life balance.  Then on Thursday night, October 2nd, odds are you were going to be watching the vice presidential debate. You should do that, at “Working Motherhood, New Formulas for Success,” hosted by Flexperience and Mommy Track’d.

The event is at the Hotel Intercontinental at 888 Howard in San Francisco from 4:30-8:30.

The evening is moderated by Diane Dwyer of NBC11 News and features a keynote by Lisa Belkin, “Life’s Work” columnist for the NY Times, and will have a panel of women who have learned to be successful while balancing their private lives with corporate success including:

Register here for $75, which includes a stimulating evening (and yes the debate will be shown) light dinner and a sweet goody bag.

PS – my wife works with them, they are doing great things, and it’s going to be one heck of a great event.


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