Really, really cool idea for gifts for kids – GiftVenture

Last night I saw a presentation from a company that wasn’t trying to change the world, or revolutionize anything. They’ve just come up with a cool gift idea for kids.

The company is called GiftVenture and they are based outside Las Vegas in Henderson.  Their product is a series of letters from fictional characters sent to kids that lead them on a “treasure hunt” using games to find a gift their parents have hidden in their house.  The letters arrive via USPS over the course of a week or two and the last one leads them to the gift (the parent included the location for the gift when they signed up).

For a little background, my wife has been “helping” fairies write letters to my daughter for the past few months and her friends are always asking her where she comes up with these ideas (she used to be an elementary school teacher) and now she can point people to something similar that they can do for their own kids, nieces, nephews etc.


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