Mother, Moose hunter, Maverick

Last week I took the planners of the DNC to task for their song choices when introducing women. Here at DETS we are all about equal time, and watching the intro video for Sarah Palin (shown the night after she spoke) that began with “Mother, Moose hunter, Maverick (the 3Ms),” I realized what it is, as a society we still don’t know how to balance the fact that a woman can be both powerful and nurturing. That they can be successful as both a politician and a mother.

Granted, it’s only been 80+ years since women were allowed to vote in the US, and really powerful women in high profile roles is a relatively new thing in our culture, but come on, we’ve got a lot of smart people working on these campaigns, and the best they have come up with is “Isn’t she lovely,” and “mother, moose hunter, maverick?”

We can do better than this. To replace the 3Ms, I am proposing the 3Gs to really get at the heart of what these people seem to be trying to say:




According to the ones putting on the conventions from both sides, we want the women to be attractive, tough, approachable and supportive. We can do better than that. We need to do better than that.

PS – I wasn’t crazy about the McCain intro video overall, but I was impressed that they included a little humor to balance the serious material


One thought on “Mother, Moose hunter, Maverick

  1. Josh, what song would you pair with the 3Gs?

    Girls, Girls, Girls is probably the obvious one – but maybe a little Playin’ With the Boys would bring the house down?

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