Good PR – for a PR Guy – John Segale on the NBA, Bad Refs and David Stern

I wrote this post a few months ago and never hit publish.

Nice article in today’s Bee with John Segale of Precision Public Relations talking about what David Stern is doing wrong PR-wise related to the recent allegations of referees fixing games. This issue is a big deal in Kings crazy Sacramento and Segale did a good job in getting this article and in positioning himself as someone who understands how to work in a crisis.

Here’s part of the article which is formatted as Q & A:

Grade David Stern’s performance as a crisis manager in this case.

A: I’d give him a C+. On the positive side, he spoke for himself. He also made himself available to media immediately and has continued to make himself available. You want the company CEO in these types of situations to convey command and control.

But his message has been bad. He’s attacking (Donaghy), but he’s not providing any solutions.

He’s also attacking the media, which is always a mistake. He’s blaming sports talk radio, the bloggers, sports writers and the general media who may not understand the nuances of pro sports, in his estimation. And he’s failed to understand or chosen to ignore the power of the Web to keep the story alive.


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