Marketing Rant – Democratic Convention Song Choices for Women Speakers

Every once in awhile I interrupt this blog to allow me to rant a bit about marketing tactics, strategies or just bad ideas I run across. I’ve got a few, this week related to the Democratic National Convention (don’t worry, this is a non-partisan blog and I’m sure I will find many marketing gaffes at the upcoming Republican National Convention):

  • Why do the songs that accompany all of the women speaking at the Democratic National Convention focus on the fact that they are women and not that they are capable, accomplished trustworthy etc?
  • Following Michelle Obama’s well done speech, the song that played was “Isn’t she lovely,” by Stevie Wonder. Sure, she’s lovely, let’s trivialize her accomplishments and the great speech she just gave about community engagement by saying she’s lovely.
  • The video that preceded Hillary Clinton’s speech started with “She’s Really Got Me Now,” by The Kinks, and then went into “American Girl,” by Tom Petty. I was waiting for them to play “Legs” by ZZ Top, but Clinton took care of that with her reference to “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits.” For me, this would be like if at the Republican convention after Mitt Romney spoke they played “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems,” by Notorious B.I.G. or after Giuliani speaks they play, “All my exes live in Texas.”
  • For all of the above, FAIL.

9 thoughts on “Marketing Rant – Democratic Convention Song Choices for Women Speakers

  1. Promiscuous Girl! Baby Got Back! Seriously, it is always heartening to hear an American male notice something like this and be offended. If I weren’t a big dyke and you weren’t married, I might hit on you . . . settle for a hug? 😉

  2. Josh,

    Without disagreeing with your point, I have to say that I think both nights were VERY intentional with the music.

    The message of night #1 was “Barack Obama is a normal person.” This is a challenging message for them, simply because he ran as something fresh, new, different and a little exotic (each speech began with “father from Kenya, mother from Kansas”).

    The key part of doing that was to soften Michelle Obama. So the brady bunch…the turquoise dress…the focus on her husband and kids…the kids on stage…and then “Isn’t She Lovely”…it seemed very purposeful to me.

    On night #2, the message seemed to be “don’t blame Hillary if Barack can’t win, because you guys didn’t nominate the first woman.” And she was in total control of her video, and made sure it was completely about being the first woman. If you’d been in a time capsule the last twenty years, you wouldn’t have known she was married to Bill!

    So the fascinating thing will be to watch tonight. I hear they disinvited John Edwards because he had an affair and lied about it, so Bill Clinton will speak in his place. Maybe “I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain?

    (And yes, I’m looking forward to the GOP convention, which I’m sure will be land of a million marketing gaffes. They don’t call it the stupid party for nothing. I’m sure they will play some unintelligible Johnny Cash tune to remind people that his social security number is 8.)

  3. I’m not saying it wasn’t done on purpose, I’m saying it was bad marketing.

    The thing about Hillary’s video, drives home one of the campaign issues that she had. She spent way too much time focusing on that she was the first woman, but not as much that she was the right person.

  4. Agree completely.

    And yes, that was the huge change between her first campaign, and her second campaign when she started winning consistently.

  5. Thanks Gary. I think the “rags to riches narrative’ might be an interesting counterpoint if McCain picks Romney or Whitman or Fiorina (which is why all three may be out of luck).

  6. Good point re the song choices. If they’re going to go that route, at least it could have been Joan Jett in some ass-kicking leather.

    On the other hand, if DNC has to be idiotic about the little things in order to ensure acceptance on the big things, whatever. Just get the main job done. Y’know?

  7. Awesome, Josh. While all great songs, the implications (to anyone other than the LCD) are questionable. Worse selections could only include Lindsay Lohan “Bossy” (yes, I know that song) or “I Enjoy Being A Girl.” WTF?

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