Freepath 2.0 Public Beta – Now Available – Free your content from PowerPoint

It’s generally accepted that bad presentations can be one of the more painful and dark parts of business and education life. Don’t believe me? Watch the crowd reaction to this

Today, we’re hoping we can make the world a little bit brighter. This morning client Freepath released the public beta of Freepath 2.0.

Freepath is all about allowing people to share content in its native format. Don’t convert images to different formats just to shoehorn into a PowerPoint. Don’t try and grab a screen shot from a website. Share the image like it’s supposed to be seen. Share the live website. Share it live on GoToMeeting, in person using dual screen and a playlist, or share it with others on myFreepath.


2 thoughts on “Freepath 2.0 Public Beta – Now Available – Free your content from PowerPoint

  1. that looks cool! I also like the slideshow feature in I’ve used that a few times. I’ve also done presentations using just a tag page.

    If you work in web media all you need it the web right?


  2. Hey, thanks for the kudo’s. You’ve mentioned a few web destinations where content lives. Remember any web page can be set into the Freepath Playlist as an individual cue. So if you have multiple sources, even from two sites (one from Diigo and one from you should be able to navigate straight to them without interruption!

    Then you can even drop a PowerPoint file (or any of the tons of other filetypes Freepath plays) in and share either live, or as a portable playlist (.play) through myFreepath.

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