Congratulations to Cuil

No, not on supplying superior search results, at least not yet. The congratulations is for getting the word out. They were everywhere today. Below is a screenshot of a Google news search for Cuil. Look in the upper right corner, 2,140 articles.

A friend is their VP of Corp. Comm, and he should be commended for doing his job. His job is to get the word out about the company. No question, he succeeded.

Some pundits are saying Cuil should have waited longer, that the technology isn’t ready, that results aren’t better than Google. Give them a little time. I’m looking forward to seeing what their traffic numbers were like today, and more importantly what they’re like in six months.

In 1998, when Google was in beta, they were doing 10,000 queries per day. In 1999 that rose to 500,000 queries per day. By the end of 2000, 100 million queries per day. These stats are from Google Milestones.

So, cut Cuil some slack. Give them a few years, and maybe instead of Googling someone, you’ll Cuil them.

Update – according to Saul Hansell – they had 50 million queries on day one. Holy schnikes!


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