Client Zubican – Launches Today in Public Beta

If you’ve ever tried to find a vendor for your business using basic search online you know the process can be painful. That all changes, today. Zubican today opened up its online business community in public beta. This community includes information on nearly every company in the US. You can search this directory by location, industry and many other factors. Once you’ve worked with a company you can add comments about your experience so the next person looking for a similar vendor can learn from your experience.

Check out Zubican and let us know what you think.


One thought on “Client Zubican – Launches Today in Public Beta

  1. Josh – looks like a good resource. Nice site and definitely fills a need. Couple of initial thoughts:

    1. Obviously the ratings are going to be the true value provided by Zubican – and it’s a chicken/egg dilemma getting started. Could it make sense and is it possible to pull in current ratings potentially found in other sources (ie. Elance, maybe even Yelp)?

    2. May be good to offer category drill-down in addition to search from homepage. I typed “CPA firm” and ended up with law firms in my initial results.

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