I’ve written several times here about the need for transparency in online PR.  You can’t hide forever. If you try and hide, you will be found out.  I spent quite a bit of time on this in my recent social media class.  I’m not sure if the members of the class completely caught on, hopefully this story will help.

The latest to fall victim to this is 5WPR. The way I understand it is that an employee of 5WPR posted comments in support of their client using the names of various people who had previously been critical of the client

Click on the link below to see the way a news search for their name looks right now. Not pretty for them, or their client. I will say there is something I admire, they didn’t fire the person who did it.  They need to train that person, not fire them.


One thought on “Transparency

  1. Forget the news search. Look what a web search looks like. The number two result on Google right now is “there is simply no end to the incompetence and ethical failure at 5WPR.”

    Not something I want clients seeing when they search for me.

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