House of Caen!

I’m in New York for Wedstock and may have a NYC focused post later, but the first one is from home.  I’ve written several times about Herb Caen and my connections to him in both San Francisco and Sacramento. Well, one of his connections to Sacramento is about to go up for sale. The house he grew up in in Sacramento’s Midtown just got foreclosed. Below is the post from the Sac Bee Real Estate blog:

Late Chronicle columnist’s childhood home foreclosed

caentrib220x224.jpg So I am out taking a lunch walk today in Midtown Sacramento and happen to notice two pieces of paper posted in the windows at 1631 26th St.
I know the house as the childhood home of Herb Caen, the late San Francisco Chronicle columnist who wrote about the city by the bay from 1938 until his death in 1997.
Sure enough, the paper was what I thought. a foreclosure.
Caen grew up in the house and often wrote fondly about living in the Midtown neighborhood.
His family hadn’t owned the home for years.
I called the listing agent Paul Boudier, of Keller Williams Realty in Roseville, who confirmed the foreclosure. The house will come onto the market for sale soon, he said.
“We are going through the process of establishing a price and gauging the market,” said the agent.
Caen was born in Sacramento in 1916. His “three-dot” Chronicle column was a staple of San Francisco for almost six decades. Photo courtesy of


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