Wild Horses

No, not the song by the Rolling Stones. The real thing. Wild horses, the open range, mustangs, the whole bit. They’re real, and there several herds a few hours east of here. I first saw them in college when I drove through Northern Nevada on the way to Pyramid Lake to fish for cut throat trout.

Some folks are looking to thin out the herds of wild horses. I’m not saying they shouldn’t. I’m saying you should watch this video:


7 thoughts on “Wild Horses

  1. Thanks for the shout Josh!

    There’s a lot of heat around Wild Horses in Northern Nevada. It’s FAR from a black and white issue.


  2. Seconding the tanks for the shout Josh! It’s a very tough issue with tons of confusion regarding the facts and full of colorful people showing great proficiency in making inflammatory remarks.

    In other words, PR heaven 😉

    Our take is from a brand-centric viewpoint elevated above the fray. People outside Nevada will only remember one of two things: 1. We care about our wild horses, or 2. We don’t care about our wild horses.

    We’d prefer that everyone outside Nevada know that we care.

  3. Just a thought, maybe as opposed to talking about Nevada’s ‘brand’ talk about Nevada’s ‘heritage,’ ‘identity,’ and symbol of Nevada’s independence, freedom and natural beauty.

    PS – Serious props for creating what may be the only video in the world with Lacey Dalton, Willie Nelson, and Snoop.

  4. Problem I have with the word heritage is that cattle ranching is also a heritage in Nevada, as it is through the west, and is functionally in conflict with wild horses. While from a brand identity perspective, the “Rancher” and “Wild Horse” can sit at the same table with equal iconic power without the conflict. If that makes any sense… Kind of like that mural above the coffee shop @ Barnes & Noble with Nietzsche, Melville, Miller et. al…

    Willie and Snoop made that recording while on tour together in Amsterdam, of all places…


  5. Josh, I like your suggestions, especially when it means discussing the subject with folks that really don’t understand branding.

    You said: “maybe as opposed to talking about Nevada’s ‘brand’ talk about Nevada’s ‘heritage,’ ‘identity,’ and symbol of Nevada’s independence, freedom and natural beauty.”

    That’s the essence of what is at stake here. The good many folks involved in the inflammatory dialog seem to not understand that it is translating to a brand.

    To that point, check out Deanne Stillman’s article in the LA Times this week promoting her new book:

    It truly is a national image/identity issue. We want to remind folks globally that a lot of Nevadan’s really do care about our horses, our brand {‘heritage,’ ‘identity,’ and symbol of Nevada’s independence, freedom and natural beauty}!

  6. I would like to know with all the fire power Lacy Dalton
    has, why hasn’t this stopped. Even, I am told, that
    the Ford Corp. even offered to help preserve our wild
    horse. But, that didn’t help. Where is the problem!!!!
    It seems that no matter who or what is done, the govn,
    BLM, even the Wild Horse Assoc. don’t care. They will
    do what ever they want. They would rather get rid of all
    the horses and sell the land, as if the ranchers and developers aren’t behind this. The human race has already killed off how many spieces. I can only keep
    saying my prayers that someone will care enough to
    stop the killing.

  7. Sign Petition to Save Cloud’s Herd
    We need 5,000 signatures – please share this petition with friends!
    The round up of Cloud’s herd is scheduled for September 1st and 70 horses plus foals could lose their freedom and their families. Many of those removed would be horses in Cloud’s age group- even his 18 year old mother could be targeted for removal! This unnecessary removal must be stopped. Please sign this petition which will be sent to Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and BLM Director Bob Abbey. Please click here to sign the petition- it only takes a moment!

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