Good online video tips from Steve Nilan at Fundability

Steve Nilan of Fundability has some helpful tips for when you’re recording a video at your desk. Simple, solid, easy to follow advice that will make any video better

His top five things to remember:

  1. Quiet on the set. Close the door. Put your phone on vibrate or better yet leave it in another room. I used my laptop’s built in microphone which was a little fuzzy sounding so I just bought a Logitech USB mic for next time.
  2. Turn on the lights so you don’t look like you’re in the witness protection program. A natural full spectrum light makes a big difference.
  3. Even pros can’t do it one take. Break up your pitch into smaller 20-30 second segments which you can easily edit using Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie.
  4. Just the facts. Investors want to know: Who are you? What’s the problem? The market opportunity? What’s unique? What do you need (capital, partners. etc.)? 2 minutes max.
  5. Convert your video to Flash (.flv file). On2 Flix works well. Once you’ve uploaded the to your Company SnapShot to Fundability you can also send it directly to an investor as a simple link.


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